Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

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Veronika Sluka started singing and playing piano at the age of 5. She studied music at Music School in Ostrava and her classical music background enables her to play almost every piece of modern music you wish for. Veronika is keen on performing  concerts both privately and publicly. What differs Veronika? She speaks fluently six foreign languages (Czech, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) in which she loves to sing. It is also her ability to sing and play instantly anything you wish once you sing it to her. Also her intelligence enables her to understand what the audience likes to listen to and can adjust her repertoire accordingly.

Veronika has a gift of bringing to her audiences a taste of  old France, “La dolce vita”, a modern pattern to Jazz, Swing of Folk(lore) music. Veronika can both play and sing at any occasion (business, birthday, weddings, etc.). She has not problem to adjust her repertoire according to your special wishes.

Veronika’s Packages

       La Dolce Vita: italian style of last century Italy

                                Edith: chansons and old French Music

Contemporary Music

Jazz & Swing

Folk & Folklore

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Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

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Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,


Veronika Sluka has been composing music since she was 6. Her music is full of emotions and senses.  Some people say that a true composer has a very personal and unique relationship with its musical instrument that cannot be taught thought can be felt in every inch of a song. You can feel that in Veronika’s  improvisations.

Have you ever heard about „tailor made song“?  Veronika will be pleased to help you to prepare something special for your future spouse, guests, family or boss. She can compose a song for you or them.

Do not hesitate to contact us with this comtact form and ask for details!.

freely accessible work and Music

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Veronika Sluka loves to write and does write all the time!


New Book  arriving soon!

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At the moment, Veronika is working on her first „big book“ that she intends to publish by 2018. Veronika is organizing creative seminars on active and creative writing. Also, she holds sessions at schools and institutions on various artistic topics. Feel free to ask us for details!


Do you want to compose a song for your love or a friend and you just cannot find the right lyrics? Do you want to write a toast for your BFF who’s getting married?


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Veronika Sluka has a Gift to touch you deeply with Lyrics .


Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

Freely accessible work and Portfolio

Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

Song Writer

A lot of crucial and outstanding life situations depem on the fact whether we succeed in finding right words and expressions and how we express our both our feelings and emotions.

Literally, we create new Galaxies by what we say or write. A single word or expression has potential of changing whole mood or milion. Veronika is deeply convinced that by proper words and expressions we have ability of changing the environment and situations around us. Composing lyrics for songs became her daily need. Veronika writes for herself as well as for other people who would like to express better or more easily some feeling or idea they carry inside of them. Hire Veronika and try her ability of quick writing of:


∴ Lyrics

∴ Poems

∴ Speeches


Veronika is keen on listening to her clients, absorb what they say, see the „ideas blind those words“ and prepare a suitable poem or lyrics for their song or wedding speech.


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Price for hiring or booking services of Veronika Sluka

Price is based on achal type, size and lenght of particular event, number of guests, possibility of audio technique, repertoire etc.. You can choose from already made packages of songs or order a special package of songs. You can also give Veronika your own song and she will learn it. Everything is possible and especially because of the variety of services we cannot set a fix price list here. Nevertheless, feel free to send us your enquiery and we will send you our price estimation. Use our free consulting in that matter. We are ready to help you with organizing events too – for further information send us your regest. Be assured that we can offer you the best solution for your event and we will be glad to help you with the right choice of music selection.

What about a making a koncert at café, restaurant of a bistro?

If you want to organize a koncert or event with music, do contact us. Last year and this year, Veronika hase organized a serie of music concerts both in public and private places. For further information, send your request herebelow.


Pro bono

Apart from hereabove mentionned activities, Veronika Sluka is keen on helping other people. She worked as a volunteer in a Children Charity Centre in Ostrava. Last year, she became a co-founder of a foundation helping people who lost hair – Nadační fond GRÁCIE.

Veronika i salso interested in sustainability and ecology. Not only she is finishing her Ph.D. thesis on Best Available Techniques in scope of Evironmental Law at Faculty of Law in Brno, she i salso one of cofounders of a project specialised in eco-clothes  – Change Clother – Change Climate available at sites

Veronika Sluka, spisovatelka a skladatelka, umělecká činnost,

“It was not me who came with the idea of raising a foundation. This brilliant idea came from a frond of mine and a director of a hair extention salon – Ivana Hanyšová who asked me for cooperation. Having been convinced that things come to a human being not without a certain purpose and having been glad of helping other beings, I agreed to help immediately. There is both our past and our strenght in our hair. Los sof our hair if not done intentionally has a very negative impal on our mental health. I do Belize that by donating hair we can effectively contribute to the healing process of our clients and therefore it is worth doing it.”

Veronika Sluka on founding a Foundation Nadační fond GRÁCIE